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About the Publisher

Addison-Wesley is the premiere book publisher in the world of computing textbooks. Their attention to detail and quality is reflected in their products, and their supplemental materials and tools are a great asset to the hard-working instructor.

Please visit the following Addison-Wesley sites:

Addison-Wesley Home Page
AW Page for Java Software Solutions
AW Computing Home Page
Supplement Central
CodeMate Home Page
TestGen (requires Supplement Central login)

About CodeMate

Addison-Wesley's CodeMate is an online programming tutor. It provides programming practice for students using projects straight from the textbook. CodeMate allows students to view, edit, compile, and run end-of-chapter programming projects. The CodeMate system helps the student using hints and user-friendly compiler error messages.

The Java Software Solutions textbook comes with free access to CodeMate -- see the card inside the front cover of the book for details. Instructors can set up a CodeMate class that their students join, allowing the instructor to track the student's progress. Or a student can use CodeMate independently.

About TestGen

Addison-Wesley's TestGen is a test generation system. After downloading the TestGen software and the appropriate test question data file, you can use TestGen to generate test questions based on the material covered and the types of questions (multiple choice, short answer, etc.) desired. You can also select specific questions from a generated set, or have TestGen select a specific number of questions randomly.

About the Fourth Edition Team

The Java Software Solutions publishing team includes the editors who guide the development, the maketing team who provide information to instructors, and the production team who create the cover and the interior design, and who integrate all of the pieces for the printer.

Michael Hirsch is the primary editor for the fourth edition of the book. He worked tirelessly to ensure that the book met the highest quality standards. Michael's talented and hard-working asssistant is Maria Campo.

Michelle Brown leads the marketing effort with the assistance of Jake Zavracky. They make sure that instructors understand the pedagogical advantages of the text. They are supported up by a wonderful team of representatives (find yours).

Patty Mahtani led the production effort at Addison-Wesley. Joyce Wells had the creative and crucial task of coming up the book's interior layout and cover. They went through many iterations and options, tailoring the details until they were just right. We think the wonderful results speak for themselves.

The Addison-Wesley production effort was supported by Daniel Rausch and Sally Boylan of Argosy Publishing, who in turn were backed up by talented artists and compositors. They embrace every detail of the visual presentation with amazing precision, all while putting up with last-minute author requests.

We are honored to work with such talented and dedicated people.

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